Day 5

Today was my third day on the 500-calorie diet. I have come to find that not revolving my day around food has helped me tremendously. As long as I am busy, I don’t really feel hungry.

That said, I didn’t eat until around 5 p.m. today because my car broke down on the road and I was stuck at the repair shop for a while. On the drive home, I started feeling a little light headed. I ate my chicken while I waited for my vegetable to cook, and I started to feel better.

I relaxed in front of the TV and ate my “dessert” of apples with cinnamon. The not-eating-until-five thing must of gotten to me because I crashed and took a nap for about 2 hours.

I am going to make sure to eat by 3 p.m. each day so as not to back load all of my eating. I probably shouldn’t be eating much after 8 p.m. anyway. Isn’t that what they always told us?

The Scale:

I lost 1.2 pounds! I hear you can only actually lose 1 pound per day and the rest is water weight, but I think I am still on track.

What I ate today:

1. Water, iced tea, chi tea (Thanks Zoey!)

2. 100 grams of grilled chicken with Monterey chicken seasoning

3. Half a cucumber grilled with salt, pepper and Monterey seasoning

4. One apple with cinnamon

5. 100 grams of grilled chicken with Monterey chicken seasoning

6. One fresh jalapeño

7. One apple with cinnamon

I am now 4.2 pounds lighter than I was on Monday. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. I am nervous for the weekend because I will be relaxing instead of working. Wish me luck!



Day 4

Today is my second day of eating a 500-calorie diet. My hunger pangs have subdued, but I have noticed that I still crave things that I see. It was excruciating to see people chowing down on Chipotle burritos as I walked to my car. My friend was also eating a red velvet cupcake which was hard to watch. Willpower and the thought of being skinny got me through! Only 22 more days of 500 calories!

The Scale:

I lost three pounds! But overall, I have not lost weight. I gained three pounds during my loading day, so I am just back to square one.

What I ate today:

1. Water, iced tea, chi tea

2. Green Apple

3. 100 grams of chicken breast seasoned with Monterey chicken seasoning

4. Half Cucumber grilled with salt, pepper and Monterey chicken seasoning

5 . 100 grams of chicken breast seasoned with Monterey chicken seasoning

6. Half Cucumber grilled with salt, pepper and Monterey chicken seasoning

7. Gala apple with cinnamon

I liked grilling the cucumbers, which isn’t a normal way to prepare cucumbers. I really love zucchini, so this tasted a bit like that once I seasoned it. I plan to start mixing up the meat choices soon, but I precooked so much chicken that I have to get rid of it before it goes bad.

See you tomorrow!


Day 3

This was my first day of the reduced-calorie diet. It was rough. I held off eating for as long as I could and made it to 4 p.m. Bottles of water and iced tea are what got me through my hunger pangs. Once I did eat, I felt better and got full pretty quickly. Keeping myself busy was the best way for me to keep my mind of being hungry.

The Scale:

I gained 3 pounds from all my binging yesterday. I hope I lose it tomorrow after this low-calorie day!

What I ate today:

1. Water and iced tea
2. One apple
3. 100 grams of chicken breast seasoned with Monterey Chicken seasoning
4. Two Jalapeños (Funny Story)
5. 100 grams of chicken breast seasoned with Monterey Chicken seasoning

I probably didn’t even reach my 500-calorie limit today, but I did accidentally eat two whole jalapeños, thinking that was what I was supposed to do. After forcing two fresh jalapeños (seeds and all) into my mouth, my lips started swelling and my mouth was on FIRE. I couldn’t even drink milk to reduce the heat! I tried brushing my teeth, chugging water and putting ice cubes in my mouth, and it was still burning. With time, though, it did subside. Won’t make that mistake again!

See you tomorrow!

Day 2

This was my last day of food binging. I took full advantage of it. I am going to miss all of my favorite foods, but it will be worth it. I am scared for tomorrow!

What I ate today:

1. Slice of pepperoni pizza with parmesan and crushed red peppers

2. Large Sonic Strawberry Limeade slush

3. Medium Imos pepperoni and italian sausage pizza

4. Chips and Salsa/chorizo queso dip from El Maguey

5. One $1 Margarita

6. Five Budlights and two fruity shots

7. Grilled Chicken nachos (which I shared) from El Rancho

Interestingly, I ate pizza twice and mexican twice today. I am not sure how that happened, but I wish I would have eaten ice cream or tiramisu.

The Scale:

I lost 1 lb from yesterday. I am not sure how that happened.

Tomorrow hell begins. Wish me luck!

Day 1

Today I embark on my weight-loss journey! On the first and second day of the HCG, you take the drops but can eat whatever you want —the more fattening the better. This is so supposed to increase energy throughout the next few weeks of my diet. I have also heard that it lets my body know where I store the most fat (but I haven’t been able to confirm that with any online sources). I am excited to eat what I want today and tomorrow.

What I ate today:

1. A grande, iced Carmel Machiatto from Starbucks (240 calories)–I will miss this

2. Southwest Burger with cottage fries and BBQ sauce—I will really miss BBQ sauce

3. Chipotle Burrito Bowl with Rice, Black Beans, Barbacoa, Corn salsa, hot salsa and cheese—I eat this way too often

4. Four Budlights and one shot of rumpleminz to celebrate the start of this diet

What I struggled with:

Once I started taking the drops, I didn’t have much of an appetite. I was a bit disappointed because I knew this would be one of my last days of food enjoyment.

We shall see what I weight tomorrow!

Welcome to my diet blog, CEConHCG!

Hello world!

Welcome to my diet. You can follow me from Day 1 through Day 26 and into my maintenance period. My goal is to weigh what I did before college, traveling and a stressful job made me pack on the pounds. I would like to start graduate school healthy, happy and looking cute in my business casual attire. I will not tell you what I weigh now or what my goal weight is because people have different ideas about what an ideal weight should be, but I will let you know how much weight I lose (or not!) each day.

What you can expect to see each day with my blog:

1. What I ate today

2. How much I lost (or didn’t lose) today

3. Which recipes I have been trying

4. What I have struggled with

5. Information I have found about HCG that I want to share

This blog is really meant to help me stay accountable, but I hope that it gives my readers some helpful information from time to time and lets others on this diet know they aren’t doing it alone. So come back and see my progress!

Here I go!