Day 5

Today was my third day on the 500-calorie diet. I have come to find that not revolving my day around food has helped me tremendously. As long as I am busy, I don’t really feel hungry.

That said, I didn’t eat until around 5 p.m. today because my car broke down on the road and I was stuck at the repair shop for a while. On the drive home, I started feeling a little light headed. I ate my chicken while I waited for my vegetable to cook, and I started to feel better.

I relaxed in front of the TV and ate my “dessert” of apples with cinnamon. The not-eating-until-five thing must of gotten to me because I crashed and took a nap for about 2 hours.

I am going to make sure to eat by 3 p.m. each day so as not to back load all of my eating. I probably shouldn’t be eating much after 8 p.m. anyway. Isn’t that what they always told us?

The Scale:

I lost 1.2 pounds! I hear you can only actually lose 1 pound per day and the rest is water weight, but I think I am still on track.

What I ate today:

1. Water, iced tea, chi tea (Thanks Zoey!)

2. 100 grams of grilled chicken with Monterey chicken seasoning

3. Half a cucumber grilled with salt, pepper and Monterey seasoning

4. One apple with cinnamon

5. 100 grams of grilled chicken with Monterey chicken seasoning

6. One fresh jalapeño

7. One apple with cinnamon

I am now 4.2 pounds lighter than I was on Monday. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. I am nervous for the weekend because I will be relaxing instead of working. Wish me luck!



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