Welcome to my diet blog, CEConHCG!

Hello world!

Welcome to my diet. You can follow me from Day 1 through Day 26 and into my maintenance period. My goal is to weigh what I did before college, traveling and a stressful job made me pack on the pounds. I would like to start graduate school healthy, happy and looking cute in my business casual attire. I will not tell you what I weigh now or what my goal weight is because people have different ideas about what an ideal weight should be, but I will let you know how much weight I lose (or not!) each day.

What you can expect to see each day with my blog:

1. What I ate today

2. How much I lost (or didn’t lose) today

3. Which recipes I have been trying

4. What I have struggled with

5. Information I have found about HCG that I want to share

This blog is really meant to help me stay accountable, but I hope that it gives my readers some helpful information from time to time and lets others on this diet know they aren’t doing it alone. So come back and see my progress!

Here I go!



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